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A Powerful Termite Protection Guide For Tampa Homeowners

April 30, 2022 - Termites

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Keeping your Brandon home in the best condition possible is a top priority for you. If something breaks, you immediately fix it; if something is getting old and run down, you repair or replace it. The average homeowner will pour many hard-earned dollars into their home to keep it running smoothly and in good working condition. However, unforeseen problems will sometimes present themselves that are out of your control, like an invasive pest infestation. One of the worst pests that can invade your home is the subterranean termite. These bugs cause major destruction to the structure of your home and will lower its value considerably, but there is something you can do about it. Learn more about these destructive pests and how partnering with EcoSmart Pest Solutions can not only help you get rid of termites but may even discover a termite problem before it has the chance to damage your home.

About The Termite Caste System

Termites are social insects that live in colonies. These colonies are structured with three distinct castes. These castes consist of:

  • Reproductives: Often referred to as swarmers, these termites are responsible for mating and populating the colony. They are the only termites with wings and will leave their current colony to form a new one. The king and queen are included in this caste. If you see a swarmer in your home, it most likely means you have an active infestation.
  • Workers: This is the largest group in most termite colonies. Worker responsibilities include searching for food, grooming and taking care of other nestmates, and repairing the nest.
  • Soldiers: These are the warriors of the colony that defend it from any enemy attacks. Their huge armored heads and sharp, enlarged mandibles make them well-equipped in performing their task.

A termite colony can consist of between 60,000 and two million workers. If this isn’t enough to make you squirm, several colonies can actually co-exist in the same building, so you could have millions of termites performing their duties behind your walls and not even know it.

How Termites Can Silently Destroy A House

Termites are constantly using their saw-toothed jaws to bite off small fragments of wood from the structure of a building. They create tunnels, called mud tubes, to reach food sources and protect themselves from open air. Over time, they can severely damage and even collapse buildings, causing possible financial ruin for the owner. A small colony can eat 1/5 of an ounce of wood per day; their colonies grow quickly and can go unnoticed for years, which is why it is important to detect a termite problem before it is too late.

Why Annual Termite Inspections Are So Important

Annual termite inspections are very important in protecting your home. Whether you have had a previous termite infestation in your home or just want to safeguard it from any future attacks, partnering with a Brandon pest control company like EcoSmart Pest Solutions for annual termite inspections will help keep these destructive pests from creating a colony behind the walls of your home or catch them in the act before the colony gets too big. Termites cause billions of dollars in damages to homes and businesses every year, so having a professional pest control company perform yearly inspections will give you peace of mind that your home is not being silently destroyed by termites.

The Benefits Of Professional Termite Control For Tampa Homes

The best way to protect your home from a termite invasion is by partnering with EcoSmart Pest Solutions, the experts at pest control in Brandon. We are a family-owned, family-operated pest control company and have more than 25 years of experience in the industry. Our technicians are trained to safely remove pests from your home with techniques that have a low impact on the environment and are safe for your family and pets. Our termite control services will remove these destructive bugs from your home, and if they return, we will come back out to perform termite removal at no additional fee. Give us a call today to request an estimate.