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All The Things That Could Draw Termites To Your Tampa Home

December 05, 2022 - Termites

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Termites are one of the most destructive pests in the world, causing billions of dollars in damage to homes and businesses each year. While termites are often associated with warm, humid climates, they can live almost anywhere.

Wood, paper, and other cellulose-based materials can attract termites to your home. You should know the signs of a termite infestation and what to do if you discover one in your home.

Read on what attracts termites and how to handle pest control in Tampa!

How To Identify Signs Of Termites Around Your Home

You can tell if your home has a termite problem in a few different ways. 

Termites are small insects known for their ability to damage wood and can quickly cause extensive damage to a home if they go unchecked.

Signs of termites include discarded wings near doors and windows, discolored or drooping drywall, and peeling paint. Termites can cause small, pinpoint holes in your drywall or buckling wooden or laminate floorboards. Floorboards that are excessively squeaky and tiles that loosen due to moisture are also signs of termites, as are windows and doors that become difficult to open or close.

These are all signs that termites have been eating away at the wooden beams in your home, and if left unchecked, they can cause serious damage.

Signs Of Termites To Be On The Watch For Around Your Home

There are many other signs of termites around your home to be on the watch. Some of these signs include:

  • Mud tubes on the exterior of your home: Termites use these tubes to travel between their nests and the wood in your home. If you see these tubes, it is a sure sign that you have a termite problem.
  • Wood that sounds hollow when tapped: If you tap on wood in your home and it sounds hollow, it may be a sign that termites have already eaten away at the interior of the wood.
  • Cracks in your foundation or walls: As termites eat away at the wood in your home, they can cause cracks in your foundation or walls. 
  • Swarms of winged insects: If you see a swarm of insects around your home, they may be termites looking for a new place to nest. This is often one of the first signs of termites inside your home. 

Aside from the reproductive swarmers, termites live their entire lives under cover without venturing out into the open. They devour our homes from the inside out, so it is critical to keep an eye out for the subtle clues that termites are in your home. 

Factors That Attract Termites To Your Home

Several factors can attract termites to your home. One of the biggest attractants for termites is wood. Properly treating and protecting wood on your property is a crucial step in termite control. 

Paper is another termite attractant. Termites are attracted to the cellulose in paper and will eat away at it if given a chance. If you have any newspapers or magazines lying around your home, it's important to throw them away as soon as possible. 

Moisture can also attract termites to your home. The presence of moisture makes termites more likely to survive where they wouldn't otherwise be able to. It can also soften the wood around your home, making it easier to infest. The sooner you address leaks in the plumbing or humid conditions in your home, the better. 

Contact The Professionals At The First Sign Of Termites

Any signs of these insects around your home require you to immediately speak to a termite and pest control professional. Termites can cause serious damage to your home if left untreated, so getting rid of them as soon as possible is important. 

Tampa-based EcoSmart Pest Solutions is a family-owned and operated business. We have been providing quality pest control services in the Tampa area for over 25 years. We are experts in getting rid of termites effectively, and we can help you prevent future infestations. Please schedule a consultation with us today!