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How Worried Should I Be About Flying Termites Around My Brandon Home?

May 15, 2022 - Termites

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It is understandable to be confused and even scared after seeing winged swarming termites on your Brandon party. You may be asking yourself what seeing a termite swarm means for your home. Thankfully, we have assembled all you need to know about termite swarms, how to protect your property, and why professional pest control in Brandon is imperative.

What Are Flying Termites? 

Termites are wood-eating insects that are prevalent throughout North America. Termites often build their nests underground or in trees, fence posts, decking, and buildings. When living inside of buildings, they can be found in wall cavities, bathrooms, furniture, roofs, and beneath floors. 

There are many different species of termite. However, all termites are highly social creatures with a rigid hierarchy. Nests, also called colonies, are ruled by queens. Once a year, typically during spring or summer after a rain shower, termites seek out partners. These sexually mature termites partake in an airborne mating ritual known as the swarm. Reproductives are the only termites to grow a pair of wings within the colony. Their swarming only lasts for an hour or so, at which point they pair off and establish new colonies. In their new colonies, these lovers become the reigning king and queen. They set off right away to populate their new colony with lots of babies.

Does Flying Termites Around My House Mean I Have Termites? 

Flying termites around your property is a big red flag. A termite swarm is almost a sure sign that an infestation is nearby, as they do not swarm far from their nests. Some other symptoms of a termite infestation include finding shed wings in or around your property since reproductive termites shed their wings after a swarm. Additionally, a home infested with termites may have buckling floors, sagging walls, and peeling paint. Termites eat and tunnel through wood. Wood that sounds hollow or crumbles easily is another vital sign that termites infest your property.

How Can I Make My House Less Attractive To Termites? 

The best way to get rid of house termites is not to attract them. Some preventative measures are as follows:

  • Do not allow any wood to have direct contact with soil
  • Keep firewood at least 20 feet from the exterior of your home
  • Do not allow moisture to pool at the foundation of your home
  • Invest in a dehumidifier for crawl spaces and attics
  • Do not allow vegetation to grow up the side of your home
  • Do not use mulch when landscaping close to your home
  • Keep your lawn trimmed down low
  • Address leaks as soon as possible
  • Inspect new lumber and build sites for termites before starting construction

This list is by no means exhaustive, but it is an excellent start for termite control. Brandon residents can never be too careful when it comes to termites. Prevention and constant monitoring are crucial to keeping wood-eating insects like termites.

What's The Best Way To Protect My Home From Termites?

Despite our best efforts, sometimes termites still find their way into or onto our property. If you are already battling an active termite infestation or suspect an infestation may occur, work with a professional. For pest control in Brandon that is efficient and guaranteed to work, reach out to Ecosmart Pest Solutions. We at Ecosmart Pest Solutions offer free inspections with no contracts and no cancellation fees. We offer high-quality, environmentally-friendly home pest treatments to cover all your pest control needs, including flying termites. For an effective defense against pests, give Ecosmart Pest Solutions a call today!

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