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Let’s Talk About Termite Control In Tampa

January 20, 2023 - Termites

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Most people have a fantasy built up in their heads that they would always know if they had a pest infestation in their home. But pests like termites prove this wrong time and time again. 

These destructive insects don’t crawl around out in the open like other pests; while the damage they cause is certainly severe, they can hide within walls or even below ground for weeks before the evidence is obvious. That’s why it’s better to play it safe with help from termite control experts, who can thoroughly inspect your home and provide protection against termites long before they have a chance to threaten your property. For proper pest control in Tampa, turn to the pros at EcoSmart Pest Control. 

Easy-To-Spot Signs Of A Termite Infestation 

People often want there to be an easy answer when it comes to pests – some quick and cheap treatment or some surefire way of diagnosing a problem on their property. But the realities of pest control are not so cut-and-dry. 

While it’s probably not the answer you’re hoping for, the bottom line is that termite infestations are not easy to spot. Because most are subterranean termites, you might have a termite colony hiding beneath your home right now and be none the wiser. Even when they do invade, termites stay inside walls, and their eyes are too sensitive to the light to be seen wandering around out in the open like most other pests. Instead of waiting for the signs of a termite infestation before you take termite control seriously, you should partner with professionals right away. That said, if you notice wooden items around your home that seem to be warped, especially walls that are bulging or buckling or doors and windows that suddenly don’t fit right, you should contact experts immediately. 

How Quickly Can Termites Destroy A House? 

Even though the signs of termites can be subtle, the damage they can cause is anything but. Because of their diet of wood fibers, termites are ravenous hazards to homeowners. They are linked to millions of dollars in property damage every year – not just to residential properties but to commercial properties, too. In a matter of weeks, they can damage the structural beams and walls that allow homes to stay standing. That means that even a tiny termite population can have big consequences. We can assure you that the cost of termite treatments is far more affordable than the repairs that result from termite damage. Instead of paying the high price of a termite infestation in your Tampa home, get started on early prevention and treatments today by contacting EcoSmart Pest Control. 

Five Eco-Friendly And Effective Termite Prevention Tips 

After hearing all this doom and gloom, it’s only natural to want to take action to protect your home against termites. In the interest of showing how there are actually ways to protect your home against these serious consequences, here are some of the best ways that you can prevent termites without the need for solutions that might pose risks to your health or your environment: 

  • Landscaping: Termites are attracted to yards where there are a lot of wooden materials for them to feast on. Limiting the number of trees and bushes in your yard is smart, as is keeping the ones that are there planted and trimmed back away from exterior walls. 
  • Debris: When doing yard work, you should clear out the trimmings and debris as soon as possible, as having a big pile of tasty wood lying around is a good way to attract the termite swarmers that first start a colony. 
  • Moisture Control: Some termites are attracted to moist wood, and all kinds of termites can be attracted to moist areas because water damage means easier access to a structure’s interior. 
  • Inspections: A termite inspection can help you catch an infestation before it can do serious damage. Plus, trained experts can point you to other factors around your property that might be attracting termites or other destructive pests. 
  • Treatments: For environmentally safe and non-hazardous termite treatments, turn to EcoSmart Pest Control. Our solutions are proven to be both green and effective. 

Again, it’s always better to use the expertise of a trained professional for the best results, so contact EcoSmart Pest Control today. 

The Key To Total Termite Control For Tampa Properties

Because they can be so hard to spot and eliminate, termite problems are the perfect example of why professional pest control options provide your best chance at total protection. The true key to total termite control in Tampa is not relying on DIY in the first place. Instead, contact the experts at EcoSmart Pest Control. We offer termite inspections, treatments, and ongoing check-ups of your property to ensure that you’re never caught off-guard by destructive pests. Contact us today to get started by calling or visiting us online. 

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