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Should I Hire A Professional To Handle Bed Bugs In My Tampa Home?

June 05, 2022 - Bed Bugs

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Bed bug infestations in your Tampa home are a nightmare to deal with, and sometimes you need to call in a professional to help you fully eradicate a problem. Our article can help you determine when you need more assistance before DIY and natural pest control for bed bugs and point you in the right direction for Tampa pest control which can service all of your bed bug control needs.

DIY Bed Bug Control Tips

Learning how to get rid of bed bugs can include implementing DIY bed bug control tips. These steps work very well as prevention techniques and may help to deter infestations or reduce the number of active infestations in your home:

  • After traveling, wash all of your clothes in hot water to kill any hiding bed bugs.
  • Elevate your luggage or bags when traveling to stop bed bugs from crawling in.
  • Always check second-hand furniture and appliances for signs of bed bugs before bringing them into your home.
  • Declutter your home often and vacuum regularly to reduce hidden bed bugs and eliminate bed bugs hiding spots.

If you find that these DIY bed bug control techniques for your home aren’t working, you should contact local pest control for bed bugs as soon as possible, as this may be your only hope for totally eradicating an infestation before your home is overrun.

Pros And Cons Of Professional Bed Bug Treatment 

When it comes to professional bed bug treatment, many individuals naturally have hesitations about this process. To help clear any concerns, we’ve laid out some of the pros and cons of receiving professional bed bug treatment.

The benefits of professional bed bug treatment include:

  • Usually more cost-effective over time as opposed to hit or miss DIY treatments
  • Efficient and effective
  • Follow-up services and pest-free guarantees are often provided
  • It can be safe and eco-friendly depending on the treatment type

On the other hand, the cons of professional bed bug treatment include:

  • It can be more expensive upfront than DIY treatment
  • Bed bugs may be resistant to certain chemicals creating a more prolonged treatment plan
  • Heat sensitive items could be damaged when treatments are applied improperly

All of this being said, investing in professional assistance for your bed bug problem may be the quickest and most efficient way to clear up infestations of this pest. Sometimes, pest control to kill bed bugs is needed when an infestation is too out of control for DIY solutions.

Preparing For A Bed Bug Treatment 

To properly prepare your home for a bed bug treatment, there are some steps you can take and some items that you need to keep in mind. However, it is important to note that the technicians performing the treatment will provide specific preparation requirements, which will often depend on the type of bed bug treatment your home is receiving (such as chemical or heat treatments).

To prepare for a bed bug treatment, you can:

  • Remove all items from countertops in bathrooms and kitchens; put away dishes, glasses, and utensils in sealed cupboards or sealable storage containers.
  • Sweep and vacuum all areas of your home before treatment.
  • Move all furniture in bedrooms, bathrooms, and living rooms at least two feet away from the walls.
  • Move stored items away from the walls of closets.
  • Remove small items from the tops of furniture and seal them in drawers or storage containers.
  • Place all sheets, pillowcases, blankets, and potentially infested clothing in bags. Wash them in hot water and dry with high heat as soon as possible. Do not replace clean items until treatment is completed.
  • You, your pets, and most of your plants will need to leave the area for a minimum of four hours and up to twelve hours while treatment is performed.

Reach out to us at EcoSmart Pest Solutions if you have any other questions about preparing your home for a bed bug treatment or how professional bed bug control solutions can help you.

Looking For Professional Help With Bed Bugs?

Look no further than our experts at EcoSmart Pest Solutions for professional bed bug removal and control assistance. With extensive experience and knowledge about removing your bed bug problems, our technicians can easily customize a treatment plan for your home’s needs and provide you with the efficient bed bug removal that you deserve.

Contact us at EcoSmart Pest Solutions today for more advice or assistance in dealing with bed bugs in Tampa.