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The Risk Fleas Pose To Pets In Tampa

September 14, 2023 - Fleas

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Flea control in Tampa is one of the most important things you can do to protect the health of your pets. We all know that fleas like to hang around pets, but you might not know just how serious a flea problem can be for your furry friend. 

But that changes today. This guide will tell you all about the risks associated with fleas here in the Tampa area, and after reading it, we’re sure that you’ll be convinced that pest control for fleas is an essential part of caring for your pet. 

Today’s itinerary includes reasons for flea persistence in Tampa, the tangible diseases that fleas bring to pets, key prevention tactics to minimize flea activity, and the iron-clad flea control option.

Why Fleas Thrive In Tampa

To get started, let’s consider why fleas are so common here in the area. To put it simply, fleas don’t like the cold. Cold weather can be deadly for fleas. Alternatively, fleas can go dormant if they happen to find themselves in a cold climate. 

But of course, Tampa doesn’t have harsh winters, which means that fleas have a much easier time living here. While fleas are far more common in the summertime in regions that see low temperatures, fleas can pester Tampa pets all through the year. 

So how do fleas get in the house? Well, they might attach themselves to your pets while they’re outdoors or hitchhike on someone’s clothing or an old piece of furniture you bring inside.  

For local residents, the lovely weather and the sneaky nature of flea behavior are an unfortunate combination that can leave your pets itching nearly all day and all night. Sadly, fleas in Tampa can cause much more serious issues for pets.  

Danger And Diseases Fleas Can Bring To Pets

Are flea bites dangerous for pets? It depends on the situation, but the important thing to know is that all flea bites come with risks. 

On the mild side, flea bites lead to itching. But this can easily become a bigger issue if your pet experiences an allergy to flea bites. This allergy then results in cracked, irritated skin, which should be treated by a veterinarian. Tapeworms can also live in fleas, so if your pet happens to eat a flea, that tapeworm can grow inside of them. Again, this requires treatment from a vet. Lastly, fleas are capable of spreading bacteria that can lead to health conditions like Bartonella. By the way, it’s possible for fleas to spread bacteria to humans as well, so it’s not just your pet who’s at risk here.   

Hopefully we’ve motivated you to take steps to prevent fleas from hanging around your home. The good news is that we’ve also got some great tips for you. 

How To Minimize Flea Activity Around Your Tampa Home

Here’s how to prevent fleas from gathering on your property and threatening your pets: 

  • Keep your lawn mowed relatively short, as this lets more sunlight reach the ground and reduces areas fleas are likely to hide.
  • Water your lawn sparingly to reduce the overall humidity of your yard. 
  • If your trees shed their leaves, rake regularly and remove other debris from your property that might give fleas a place to hide. 
  • Make sure you don’t have a rodent problem in your yard, as they can easily bring fleas closer to your home.  

Of course, you can also purchase flea-combatting products for your pet, though these products may not be completely successful in repelling fleas, especially if there are already lots of fleas active in the area. 

If you’re still noticing signs of a flea problem even after taking these steps and having your pet treated by a vet, then it’s time to call in some help. 

The Trick To Total Flea Control For Your Home

To get rid of fleas for good, consider partnering with a reliable pest control company in your area. There’s a lot of value in the peace of mind that comes with getting help from the experts. 

Pest control professionals can identify key areas where fleas are likely hiding and breeding. We can remove fleas from your home and make recommendations for effective flea prevention going forward.  

Some pest control companies can also provide recurring inspections to make sure that your home and your pets stay safe from fleas in the long run. If you would like to learn more about EcoSmart Pest Solutions’ home pest control in Tampa or set an appointment with one of our pest control experts, contact us today.

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