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The Safest Way To Get Rid Of A Rodent Infestation In Tampa

October 30, 2022 - Rodents

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Inviting friends and family to our house for an evening dinner and game night is fun. Enjoying laughter and conversation with guests in our Tampa homes breaks the monotonous daily living cycle. We welcome occasional visits from friends and family, but we enjoy having our house to ourselves too. We don't want an unwanted guest — particularly if that guest bites! 

Rodents are unwanted guests who bite! They are intruders who move into our houses and refuse to leave. They are not our friends; they can put our family in danger. If rodents have moved into your house, you need the Tampa pest control experts from EcoSmart Pest Solutions. We have over 25 years of experience removing rodents from homes, and we can move the unwanted rodent guests out of your Tampa home too. 

What Are The Types Of Property-Invading Rodents In Tampa?

Mice and rats are two types of rodents in Tampa homes, and the following is a list of the common rats and mice species in Florida:

  • Norway rats: This group has brown, bristly fur interspersed with black hairs, a short tail, and small eyes and ears. When they enter homes, they usually nest in basements under piles of undisturbed debris.
  • Roof rats: These rats have smooth brown fur with black hairs, a long tail, big eyes and ears, and a pointed nose. When they enter houses, they gravitate to the attic and rafters. 
  • House mice: This mouse has a round body with a cream-colored underside, brown or grey fur on the topside, pointed muzzles, and large ears. It prefers to live in dark, secluded areas in homes in nests constructed from paper, insulation, fabrics, and cotton. 
  • Florida field mice: Also known as deer mice, these creatures have brown fur on top, a white belly, and a bicolored tail. This mouse typically lives in garages and sheds; inside a house, they create shelters in boxes, drawers, and confined areas in the basement. 

These are the main Florida rodents living in Tampa area homes. 

Packing Away Potential Rodent Food Sources 

If you have house rodents, it is because they have found food and water in your Tampa home. Norway rats prefer meat, fish, cereal, and dog food. Roof rats eat fruits, seeds, nuts, and vegetables. The diet of the rodent varies according to its environment. For example, house mice in a Tampa yard eat insects, nuts, and fruits, but inside a Tampa home, they eat whatever the human occupants eat.

These tips will help with effective rodent control by keeping potential food sources away from rodents:

  • Store food in airtight containers
  • Remove pet food from bowls and store it before going to bed
  • Place fruit in a closed container or keep it in the refrigerator
  • Vacuum the house regularly and use a wand to suction crumbs out of the corners and along baseboards in the eating areas 
  • Wipe down eating and cooking area surfaces after each meal
  • Keep garbage cans inside and outside the house closed

Maintaining a sanitary environment inside and outside your Tampa home will deter rodents from entering. 

How To Use Rodent Control Products Safely Around Kids & Pets

Because do-it-yourself products appeal to our desire to save money, we purchase them. These products can be effective, but they can also be dangerous. Here are safety tips to employ when using these products:

  • Remove children and pets from the premises. Apply the product only when the children will not be home for several hours and pets are in a safe place away from chemical exposure. 
  • Remove food and toys from the area to be treated to avoid exposure to the product. 
  • Provide proper ventilation for the area. Make sure door and window screens are in good shape to allow airflow without adding pests to your home.
  • Read the instructions and apply the product accordingly.

Be careful when using DIY pest control products; remember, killing rodents is not the end of the problem.

How To Safely Get Rid Of Rodents In Tampa And Keep Them Away

Because dead rodents still carry disease, and DIY products can be dangerous, the safest option is to use the best rodent control near you, EcoSmart Pest Solutions. We inspect the house for signs of rodents and identify hot spots and points of entry. Next, we deploy baits stations and traps to safely capture the creatures while protecting family members from the rodents. Finally, we remove the rodents from the house. Contact us today for an estimate.