Once-A-Year Plus Pest Services

    Otherwise known as the Annual Pest Service, but with our annual service, we include a 6-Month booster exterior treatment. With the OAY subscription, the technician will come out in between services for no extra charge for a returning pest infestation.

Interior Treatment

Kitchen Area

     The technician starts by removing the wall outlet plates and placing cockroach and ant bait behind the plates and injecting in the wall void an insecticidal dust product that lasts as residual protection on surfaces for up to 8 months on the interior. In addition, they treat behind the kitchen appliances, where pests tend to commonly harbor.

     As an added pest defense, technicians will place gel bait in corners of the cabinet and cabinet hinges, as well as the railing of drawers, where your items will not come in contact with our products, but pests will.

Bathroom Area(s)

     Similar to the kitchen area, the technician will treat outlet plates, bait inside of cabinets, pull back pipe flanges under the sink(s), behind the showerhead and toilet, and apply pesticide dust in those areas for lasting pest control protection.

Added Benefits of the OAY Pest Service

Window Treatments

 The technician will spray residual product down the crevices on either side of windows throughout your home. This prevents peridomestic pests (pests that come in due to weather conditions) from entering your home through cracks in the window.

Attic Dusting

This treatment has the most individual treatment value out of our entire OAY Service ($350 Value). Technicians use a power duster to treat your attic with familiar, natural pesticide products (diatomaceous earth, and boric acid). This treatment is for a general knockdown of the population of pests in your home but is a good preventative for dry wood termites.  


Exterior Wall Void Treatment

In addition to the kitchen and the bathroom, the technicians will treat all the outlet covers on the exterior walls of the home. They will remove the wall outlet plates and place cockroach and ant bait behind them, and inject in the wall void an insecticidal dust product that lasts as residual protection for up to 8 months on the interior.

Exterior Treatment

Exterior Web & Wasp Nest Removal

     The technician will inspect the perimeter of your home and knock down wasp nests and spider webs, then apply residual insecticide product on the end of the brush and apply to prevent the pests from rebuilding the nests.

Perimeter Spray/Framing Windows & Doors

     The technician places specialized insecticide products, which last up to 9 months as residual pest protection, down by sprayer along the foundation of your home, as well as cracks and crevices on the exterior that a pest may be able to enter through. As added protection, the technician also applies that product around windows, doors, and garage doors. 

Time-released Clay Granule Pesticide

     As an added stage of pest defense, the technician will spread sand-sized clay granules up to 10 feet out around your house that are time-released and keeps working for months in your yard. This treatment is great for ant control in yards, as well as knocking down populations of fleas and ticks.

Cocktail of Granular Baits

     We use a mixture of baits for various species of pests, for this treatment. The technician will spread bait throughout the foliage and other debris around the home where pests may hide, knocking the population down before they enter your home.

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