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Apollo Beach, FL Pest Control

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Pest Control In Apollo Beach, Florida

With the hot summers, mild winters, sizzling night scenes, and lazy beach days, it’s no wonder residents love Apollo Beach, and tourists flock to it! Because this city is ideal for residents and tourists alike, pest control is a vital key as to why the city thrives as it does.

The funny aspect about the pests in Apollo Beach is that they love the city as much as we all do, and for the same reasons. The unfortunate part is that pests will enter your home or business and make it their own. But the good news is that there are pest professionals in the area who are experts on Apollo Beach's pests.

At EcoSmart Pest Solutions, we’re smarter than your average pest control company. We know the struggles and anxieties you can feel with pests infesting your home or business, which is why we ensure customer satisfaction and pest removal with our eco-friendly solutions as well as offering services without being locked into a contract.

Contact your local Hillsborough county pest control to safeguard your home or business.

Residential Pest Control In Apollo Beach

When pests enter your home, they give a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘invasion of space and privacy,’ and one of the worst feelings in the world is to feel like outsiders have invaded your home; that’s what pests will do. They will take your home, your safe space, and turn it into an unsafe environment. When that happens, it’s time to call EcoSmart Pest Solutions.

Not only is the structural integrity of your home at risk with certain pests, but the health and safety of your family and visitors are at stake as well. Fortunately, we offer services that cover a broad spectrum of pests in the Apollo Beach area. You can choose from our Once-A-Year Plus Pest Control or Quarterly Pest Control programs.

  • Once-A-Year Plus Pest Control: Our annual program includes a six-month booster exterior treatment. Additionally, with this program subscription, one of our technicians will come out in between services upon request for no additional cost for a continuous pest infestation. 
  • Quarterly Pest Control: Our technicians will perform both interior and exterior treatment for lasting pest prevention for your initial service. In addition, the technician will treat the exterior every three months to keep pests at bay. If there are any pests on the interior between your regular quarterly treatments, you can request one of our technicians to come out for no additional fee. 

Regardless of which option you choose, you can rest assured in knowing that our home pest control services are affordable with minimal disruption to your household. We use a specialized safe pesticide for your family and the environment, and we are committed to serving your home to rid it of invasive pests.

By calling us today, you’re investing in a safer home for your future. Don’t delay in safeguarding your home. Call EcoSmart Pest Solutions today.

Commercial Pest Control In Apollo Beach

Owning a business in an eclectic city such as Apollo Beach means that your business location alone is setting you up for success, as it’s in a major tourist destination. Knowing that, if your business hits hard times, it’s likely something that you can prevent. And one of the most preventable business mishaps is commercial pest control services.

At EcoSmart Pest Solutions, we offer total brand protection and have no tolerance for pest infestations. We’re in the business of helping keep your business in business through our safe, environmentally-friendly, and effective services. We also have a dedicated team of entomologists that support our state-certified technicians.

As we’ve been in the pest industry since 2015 with over 25 years of experience controlling pests, to say we know what we’re doing would be an understatement. Trust only our experts to protect your business. Give EcoSmart Pest Solutions a call today.

Are Termites In Apollo Beach Harmful To Humans?

Termites are not directly harmful to humans in the same way other pests like mosquitoes, bees, and spiders can be. However, the damage termites can do to properties can also severely damage your finances with repair costs stress and cause your property to be unsafe.

If you’re unfamiliar with termites, it’s important you know they’re nicknamed the ‘silent destroyers’ because of their ability to eat the wood structures of your home while undetected. Termites cost $5 billion every year in damages, while the average cost to repair termite damages is around $3,300. So it’s pretty safe to say that it’s a lot more cost-efficient to invest in termite control services than to pay for damages and repairs. In many cases, you will see the signs of termite damage before ever seeing a single termite.

Your best option to prevent termite damage to your home or business will always be to invest in professional termite control services. Give our expert technicians at EcoSmart Pest Solutions a call to set up your inspection today.

Everything You Need To Know About Rodents In Apollo Beach

If you go into a pet store and see a mouse crawling around in its cage, it’s cute. But the moment you see a rat in your home or business, you’ll be standing on your desk or kitchen counter to avoid being anywhere near it! And it’s no laughing matter.

The mice you see in pet stores are fancy; they’re a domestic form of the house mouse. On the other hand, Rats are rodents and are known to spread over 35 different diseases.

A few diseases include:

  • Rat-Bite Fever
  • Murine Typhus
  • Leptospirosis
  • Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium
  • Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS)
  • Eosinophilic Meningitis

These diseases spread to humans through direct contact and indirect contact. For example, being bit by a rat or touching a surface containing rat saliva or urine.

Additionally, rodents can cause damage to your home or business as well. These pests are notorious for gnawing on cables and wires, increasing the risk of house fires; They can cause water leaks biting through pipes. They can create entry points for other pests looking to get inside your home simply from gnawing through siding and areas like roofs.

Rodents are a nuisance and have no place in your home or business due to health risks as well as property damage. To get rid of rodents infesting your property, call EcoSmart Pest Solutions to book your free rodent inspection.