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Bed Bug Control In Tampa, FL

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EcoSmart Pest Solutions Protects Tampa Homeowners From Invasive Bed Bugs

Proper bed bug control in Tampa is important to keeping your family safe from potential invasions. These parasitic pests love to travel and often accompany their hosts home on luggage, backpacks, clothing, and other personal items. Bed bugs can make their home almost anywhere, nesting in mattresses, sheets, upholstery, and even electrical outlets as they feed on people and pets.

Not only are bed bugs dangerous to have around, but they can be extremely detrimental to humans and pets alike. Fortunately, the professionals at EcoSmart Pest Solutions offer some of the most effective bed bug control methods available to Tampa residents.

Understanding The EcoSmart Pest Solutions Treatment Process

EcoSmart Pest Solutions uses a three-step approach to bed bug control: inspection, treatment, and follow-up service.

For our inspection, registered pest specialists will inspect all sleeping areas, check furniture and living areas, and check behind blinds, curtains, and outlet covers for any signs of bed bug activity.

Next, our pros will use an aerosol spray around common harborage areas and leave it to dry for at least two hours. We always ask our customers to clean their clothes in hot water or a hot dry cycle beforehand, providing better outcomes. This information is on our customer prep sheet, which we will hand out before the service.

We then perform a follow-up visit around the home to inspect for any lingering bed bug activity. If our customers would like an additional level of protection, we also provide mattress encasements.

Call the team at EcoSmart Pest Solutions to schedule a bed bug inspection today.

Stop Beg Bugs From Infesting Your Property A Second Time

Bed bugs can be extremely difficult to control, especially after an initial infestation. Once you have received some treatments from EcoSmart Pest Solutions, proper defenses will be necessary to keep pests from returning in the future. Home and business owners can carefully avoid bed bugs by using the right prevention steps.

Use these easy tips to get started:

  • Wipe down all luggage, bags, or backpacks after returning from a trip. Feel free to leave these out in the sun to dry, or run them through the dryer on a high heat setting (if possible).
  • Keep a clutter-free space in the areas around your bed, as well as on top of counters and tables. Make sure to wash dirty clothes after a vacation or trip, which will prevent any bed bug eggs from hatching.
  • Clean sheets and check rooms for signs of bed bugs after guests leave.

For more information about our bed bug prevention steps, please call the main office of EcoSmart Pest Solutions. Need a bed bug inspection or treatment process? Get the ball rolling by submitting an online contact form as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you.

Call EcoSmart Pest Solutions For Bed Bug Control Immediately

Family owned and operated since 2015, the professionals at EcoSmart Pest Solutions have decades of bed bug control experience under our belts. Passionate about protecting our Florida home and business clients, we have designed custom home bed bug solutions that are sure to eliminate even the most severe infestations.

Start scheduling residential or commercial bed bug treatments right away by contacting our Tampa office. Call us, submit a contact form, or email us to get one step closer to a pest-free home.