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Rodent Control In Tampa, FL

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Safe & Effective Rodent Control For Your Tampa Home Or Business

Rodents such as mice and rats are the most common home invaders in Tampa and are very problematic. These pests spread diseases and parasites and can cause a lot of damage. Rodents are known for their chewing because their teeth never stop growing. They will use their strong teeth to make tiny holes big enough to squeeze through, which is about the size of a penny for rats and a dime for mice.

These pests are also quick breeders, so once they make their way inside, they will use materials from your home to create nests and reproduce. Because they are nocturnal, you may not see them right away, but there are signs such as chew marks on furniture and food packaging, droppings, and grease marks along walls.

While they are similar, you will likely never experience an infestation of both rats and mice at the same time because they are territorial. Identifying the type of rodent you are dealing with is essential for safe and effective removal, so if you believe you have a rodent problem in your Tampa home, we have the solutions you need at EcoSmart Pest Solutions. 

EcoSmart Pest Solutions’ Rodent Control Services

We are a local family owned and operated business, so we understand that our customers have individual needs to protect their families from dangerous pests like mice and rats. Because of this, we offer no-contract services, so it’s easier for you to get started with our rodent control services.

Our Rodent Treatments

There are many different types of rodent control products available, but these store-bought baits and traps can be unsafe and ineffective if misused. It is best to leave rodent control in Tampa to the professionals to ensure that you and your family are safe during the process. At EcoSmart Pest Solutions, we offer rodent removal and exclusion:

  • We start by looking for signs of rodents around the house, including the attic. Signs of rodents include visible entry points, rub marks, and gnaw parks. 
  • Once we identify your rodent problem, we install bait stations and traps. 
  • We will also implement exclusion methods or recommend a contractor depending on the size of the entry points.

You can learn more about how we can assist with rodents by contacting us at EcoSmart Pest Solutions.

Year-Round Rodent Protection You Can Rely On

Rodents aren’t the only pests that threaten residential properties. From insects to wildlife, there are many pests you need to protect your home from, and we can help you do that with our residential pest control services, which include:

  • Treatment of kitchens and bathrooms
  • Exterior web & wasp nest removal
  • Perimeter spray
  • Time-release clay granule pesticide
  • Cocktail of granular baits
  • And more!

Contact us at EcoSmart Pest Solutions to start your yearly or quarterly pest control services to keep your home pest-free.