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Tampa Residents Still Experiencing Ant Activity

September 21, 2023 - Ants

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Ant control in Tampa is extremely important for residents and homeowners, and we’d like to explain why. You might be surprised to hear that ants can cause some very big problems, despite being such tiny little pests. We can’t stress enough just how important it is to be aware of these problems and take the proper action to reduce the chances of experiencing them for yourself. Our breakdown of current ant issues will of course also include info on why ants can be so persistent in the Tampa area. In fact, that’s the perfect place to start. Thanks for joining us.

Why Ant Season Never Really Ends In Tampa

In regions of the United States that experience severe temperature drops in the winter time, ants have to change their habits to survive. To be clear, many species of ants are capable of making it through the winter by closing their colonies and staying underground or in shelter. 

However, Tampa offers a very different kind of climate to both residents and ants alike. In general, it’s much easier for ants to survive in Tampa all year long compared to other parts of the country. To put this another way, ant season never quite ends here in Tampa. 

What this boils down to is that there’s a chance of discovering an ant infestation in your home at basically any time of year. This is an excellent reason to take ant pest control for your home seriously all year long, not just in the summer. 

Common Ant Invaders Found Around Tampa Residential Areas

As we just touched on, unfortunately, many types of ants in Tampa can thrive. We would like to mention some of the common varieties of ants that can be found here and the problems each of them can cause. 

Carpenter ants are true to their name: they like to be around wood, and the bad news for homeowners is that they are capable of doing damage to the wooden elements of your home. That could mean furniture or it could mean the studs and joists that are literally holding your home together. 

Argentine ants are probably the least threatening of the three types we’re mentioning here, but that doesn’t mean they’re completely harmless. For example, these ants can get into your food stores, making your food unsafe to eat. It’s also possible for Argentine ants to contaminate surfaces as they move through your home. 

Lastly, the term ‘fire ants’ actually represents quite a few different species, but in general, fire ants are well-known for their ability to sting humans and potentially cause serious health issues. Fire ants are also usually more aggressive than other types of ants, but they’re really only aggressive if you get in their way or threaten their colony.  

Tips To Minimize Your Risk For Ants

Briefly, let’s run down some of the key ant prevention tips for your home:

  • Clean up all food leftovers and crumbs from your kitchen and any other rooms where you eat or handle food. 
  • Check around your windows and doors for small gaps that might allow ants to slip through. 
  • Generally reduce the amount of moisture in your home and fix any leaking pipes. 
  • Use citrus-scented cleaners or citrus fruits in key locations to repel ants.
  • If you notice even one or two ants in your home, consult with a local pest control company. 

Because ants are so common in Tampa year-round, it’s important to keep these tips in mind throughout the different seasons. 

Why To Call The Professionals If Ants Become A Problem

Professional home pest control in Tampa is the ultimate solution for resolving ant problems in your home. That’s because professionals understand the underlying causes of ant problems and they know exactly how to remove ants quickly and efficiently. 

To get started with ant pest control services in the Tampa area, get in touch with us here at EcoSmart Pest Solutions right away.

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