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Brandon, FL Pest Control

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Eco-Friendly Pest Control In Brandon, FL

Situated in central Florida, the community of Brandon offers full-time and seasonal residents a hearty taste of the Sunshine State. Brandon is located near Tampa Bay and is brimming with parks and golf courses, so outdoor recreation is a favorite pastime of many locals. The addition of close proximity to Tampa also means that big-city amenities are never too far away. Pest problems are an unfortunate occurrence in the area, given the local climate and size of the population.

At EcoSmart Pest Solutions, we are smarter than your average pest control company. Since 2015, we have been bringing local properties eco-friendly pest control that actually works. Our company is bonded, licensed, and insured in order to offer the best service and give our customers peace of mind. We use a unique product application process that is designed to be safe for people, pets, and the environment. Additionally, we will never make you sign a contract and all of our services are backed by a satisfaction guarantee. To learn more about our Hillsborough County pest control services, call us today. 

Residential Pest Control In Brandon

At EcoSmart Pest Solutions, we are dedicated to providing Brandon homeowners with safe pest control solutions that they can trust. It’s our mission to work alongside our customers, to hear their concerns, and address them fully. As a bonded, licensed, and insured pest control company, you can rest assured that you are receiving the most thorough home inspections and a customized treatment plan that will completely relieve your home from pest pressures, whatever those may be. All of our treatments are done as discreetly as possible, with limited interruption to your daily life, and utilize products that are safe for people and pets. Whether you opt for our Quarterly Pest Control plan or our Once-A-Year Plus program, we guarantee you a pest-free home. For more information on our residential pest control offerings, contact us today. 

Commercial Pest Control In Brandon

With more than 25 years of experience in the pest control industry, our team at EcoSmart Pest Solutions is the local expert in pest control. We are used to working with a variety of industries and have the knowledge to customize a program to fit every business we service. It’s our top priority to protect your brand and we’re able to accomplish this with world-class service, attention to detail, and rigorous standards. Each treatment that we apply will be done with minimal interruption and a focus on improving the overall safety of your property. To learn more about our commercial pest control programs, please contact us today. 

What Smells Will Keep Brandon Bed Bugs Away?

Bed bugs are a common parasite in the Brandon area. They often get transported into homes attached to personal items or secondhand furniture, and can be found wherever people spend time. Sometimes bed bugs even travel between shared walls, which makes them an even bigger problem for those who live in apartment buildings. There are, however, some smells that bed bugs hate and that might prove effective in their deterrence. The scents of garlic and onions are very potent to bed bugs and are part of the allicin compound family. Vinegar, which belongs to the acetic acid family, works to overwhelm their nervous system and actually dries up bed bugs from the inside out. They can also be repelled by cinnamon, mint, basil, clove, lavender, various types of citrus, and menthol.

When scents alone aren't enough to prevent bed bugs, contact EcoSmart Pest Solutions for bed bug control treatments.

Why Professional Treatment For Flea Problems Is Worth It For Brandon Homeowners

Flea problems can crop up in Brandon homes whether or not residents have pets, and when they do, they can become very problematic. The best way to address these types of situations is with help from a trusted pest expert. The reasons to work with a pro are:

  • Fleas themselves are highly dangerous and may lead to tapeworms and murine typhus.
  • The entirety of an infestation will be addressed.
  • Fleas are nearly impossible to spot with the naked eye so even detecting an infestation can be hard.
  • Products are equally safe and effective.
  • Services are guaranteed to work.

At EcoSmart Pest Solutions, we bring Brandon homeowners flea control that they can trust. Our trained pest control specialists are experts in the ways of fleas and will perform detailed inspections of your home in order to address the extent of an infestation. We use a proprietary method for product application that allows us to acquire the safest results for people and their pets, while completely eliminating a flea problem. These types of offerings are backed by our pest-free guarantee, so if fleas aren’t completely eradicated upon our visit, we will re-treat your home until they are. To learn more about this offering, please contact us today.